a girl on a bicycle rides in the middle of the avenue in a dense stream of cars

A new episode of the tense series “Bicycle on the avenue, or Parents, what is your child doing now?” is published. The main role is played by a young girl from Minsk on a bicycle. The plot is based on a story about a dangerous bicycle ride in the middle lane of Independence Ave., perhaps the busiest thoroughfare in the capital.

At some point, the irreparable almost happens.

On the record, sent by our reader Alexander, a section of the avenue near the Moskovskaya metro station. A girl rides a bicycle in the middle of the road in the direction of the center with her back to the stream. Cars brake, drivers are surprised and try to carefully go around it. One of the motorists leans forward and at that moment the big one fired in his direction.

The author of the video also talked about what was not captured in the frame: “The dangerous situation is not over. Immediately after the one recorded on the video, an accident almost happened for the second time. A “jumper” miraculously avoided it in the right lane. The girl was finally scared, caught a wheel on the curb and fell on the lawn. We were in a hurry to get to the station, so we left, thinking that everything was fine.”

One of our readers claims that he personally saw the development of the situation: “The girl was on a rental bike. I work opposite the scene of the incident, I watched everything. It is not clear how she ended up in the dividing line, but she was honked and drove to the curb. As it seemed to me, the red car driving on the right caught her very little. I ran up to the child, there were no serious injuries, only the knees were torn. I treated her wound, she did not pay attention to it – as if she was in shock. I took her cell phone and called my father. A few minutes later he came to pick her up and took her away. I think everything is fine with the girl.”

The State Traffic Inspectorate reported that the traffic police of the Pershamay district is conducting an investigation on this fact. Emphasized: “Such behavior on the road by a cyclist is unacceptable and very dangerous. Once again, we remind you that cycling must be carried out on the cycle path, and in its absence – on the side, sidewalk or footpath, without creating obstacles for the safe movement of pedestrians. In the absence of the specified elements of the road or the impossibility of movement on them, the movement of cyclists on the carriageway of the road is allowed in one row no further than 1 meter from the right edge. Cyclists should cross the carriageway at the crossing, making sure that it is safe.”

Parents were also contacted: “Do not leave your children unattended, monitor the child’s free time, be aware of where and with whom he is, constantly remind about the rules of behavior near the roads, explaining what dangerous traffic violations can be and what consequences it can lead to. Yes, children can ride only away from the carriageway, on sidewalks and other pedestrian zones, and from 7 to 14 years old are allowed to ride on bike lanes.”

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