Uladzimir Gomelsky: “The Germans won due to discipline, self-sacrifice and diversity” – Basketball

Well-known TV commentator Uladzimir Gomelsky told how the German national team managed to beat the Greek team (107:96) in the 1/4 finals of the EuroBasket-2022 playoffs.

“If you look at the lineups, Germany’s victory is a sensation. Although the victory was so convincing that it is impossible to call it sensational. If we consider the tactics and management of the teams, then the Germans won because of discipline, dedication and diversity.

In the first quarter, the German national team just demonstrated the tactics they chose against Odetacumba. They set up a defensive redoubt in their three-second zone to prevent Yanis from scoring from under the ring. I thought they would fly a bit to Calathes and Papanikolaou – and Germany would lose, although they would fight. But three-pointers did not fly. Apart from Dorsey, there was no stable sniper in the Greek national team. He didn’t fly – he missed several shots when he attacked completely free. Started up, lost his head and started making tactical mistakes.

Itudis had no plan B for the game. The Greek national team was so confident in its abilities and in its leader that it did not prepare a backup plan against Germany. In the composition of the Greeks, Adetakoomba is a star, an extraordinary basketball player who did everything he could in this situation. But the next name worth noting is Lorenzakis. All other players of the Greek national team seem to have forgotten that they know how to play basketball in attack. Papapetrou disappointed me. Papaianis did what he could, although he didn’t hit his shots either. I like Calathes as a player and a point guard, but this was one of the worst games I’ve seen him play. Although I have been following him for more than 10 years.

I would like to congratulate coach Herbert on the victory – they deserved it. He managed the team perfectly – timely substitutions, time-outs, excellent motivation and changing tactics in defense as soon as all this became possible. A great win!” – said Gomelsky.

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