Two wheels instead of four. The Desperate Optimist Podcast – Is it profitable to ride a bike and scooter all year round?

Given the fuel prices, residents are increasingly thinking about alternative ways of getting around. Bicycles and electric scooters appear in the garages of even the most avid drivers. Because it is not necessary to give up the car completely, it is wise to choose transport based on the situation. How good are mobile means of transportation, and in what situations do they not work at all – and in the literal and figurative sense. Do they really save not only time, but also money – as the platforms promise us? What is more profitable – to rent as needed or to buy and use once? About this in the new episode of the “Desperate Optimist” podcast with Olga Petrova.

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“Desperate Optimist” gives recipes for lemonade from all the lemons that life throws at us in modern Latvia. Guests and experts “hand over” their life hacks and strategies, share professional secrets and are not shy to talk about their own mistakes and losses.

In this episode of Desperate Optimist:

  • Let’s calculate how much equipment, a set of tires, repair and maintenance for a bicycle and an electric scooter cost
  • We will discuss whether it is possible to drive in winter and how not to freeze
  • Why are e-scooter rental platforms motivated to break the rules in some cases?
  • How to teach those who “scratch” on the bike lane against hair? (real examples)
  • Why cyclists and drivers of electric scooters are sometimes forced to violate traffic rules for their own safety
  • Why did Bolt raise the prices of its services a couple of months ago and can they get cheaper in the fall
  • Do electricity prices tell the cost of renting electric scooters?
  • How Bolt’s smart system calculates the weight that was on the scooter (spoiler: no, the platform does not see the weight of customers)
  • Why did the Bolt system look at 150,000 photos of parked e-scooters, and what does this mean for those who “park” as they get caught?

These and other questions are answered by Bolt electric scooter operations specialist Gerda Kivilentse, electric scooter riding enthusiast Ryhor Golubev, and producer of this podcast and avid cyclist Ksenia Kolesnikova.

Bonus: You’ll learn how to ride a bike and electric scooter without breaking a sweat, or take the kids out for walks and bring home bags full of groceries.

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