The level of control is maximum. Larisa Pavlova and members of the public commission checked the progress of works within the framework of the implementation of the national project and on the orders of the deputies

Bratsk Duma Chairperson Larisa Pavlova, together with members of the public commission and deputies, checked the progress of projects implemented in Bratsk within the framework of the program “Formation of comfortable.
urban environment” and deputy orders. We will tell how the city will change this year in the next story.

The first object-skate park in the residential area Hidrobudovnik. The project to arrange the public territory is conducted on the initiative and under the strict control of the residents. Funds are allocated from the city budget, about 10
million rubles. At public hearings, young people themselves determined the figures for extreme sports. Six specialized forms will be delivered to Bratsk.

Tatsiana Sikora, director of the construction company “Sberidam”

The sites for the skate park are in order, the site itself is about 880 m2. Modern equipment, lighting supports will be installed. The project is not complicated.

Ksenia Zalatorova, director of the MCU “DKSSR”

The work we are currently doing is only part of the beautification project. These works include the installation of a new skate park, a sidewalk with a bicycle-pedestrian path.

Next, the commission visited Vakzalnaya Street. Here, in the yard of house No. 12, as part of the orders, three lighting pillars were installed along the house. New lighting – seven lanterns also appeared near garden No. 106. But in the neighboring one
yard on Vakzalnaya Street, 8, the contractor is carrying out work on the restoration of the permitted landscaping. In 2021, the city water company carried out repair work in the yard – they changed the pipes. Donkey soil and now you can
to restore order and over the earth.

Giorgiy Pshennikov, head of the MP “DGI”

Advertisements were posted today asking the owners to remove the cars. The second part is the restoration of the sidewalk and roadway. The contractor guarantees to finish by the end of next week.

This year, three new lighting masts appeared at the observation deck of the HPP. The height of each is 30 meters, crowning each support is a cluster of diode lights. The territory began to be improved as part of the program
“Formation of a comfortable urban environment”, but even now the city is trying to support and develop the project already at the expense of the budget. The cost of the work is 3 million rubles.

Larisa Pavlova, chairman of the Bratsk Duma.

The lighting is bright, which will delight the citizens in the evening. Video cameras were installed. Practically in every territory, which we will improve according to KDS or other programs, on public ones.
areas should have video cameras. Unfortunately, vandalism is still present, but if people understand that everywhere is being filmed, I think everything will be in a better state.

But for the preservation of the built court on Dzivnagorskaya Street, the residents of the Galachynski Cottages district will be responsible. On their initiative, this year they will arrange an area for all-season recreation. The project is being implemented
within the framework of parliamentary orders, the cost is 2 million rubles.

Larisa Pavlova, chairman of the Bratsk Duma

This neighborhood is not spoiled by any children’s and sports grounds, it needs improvement. It will be great to go for a ride in the winter, to play football in the summer. The main thing is that children do not sit at home behind gadgets.

Alyaksei Minchenko, chairman of the housing committee

An 18-by-12-meter court will be built here, an artificial surface with a pile height of 4 cm will be laid. We are waiting for the supply of fiberglass sides for installation and further contracting
will mount the court. We hope that the contractor will fulfill his obligations within two weeks.

A major beautification project within the framework of the “Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment” program is being implemented today in the yard of the Krupskaya 1 and 3 houses.
there is no contractor. And all because the residents are closely monitoring the progress of the execution, noted Larisa Pavlova.

resident of the neighborhood

The lawn is also very important! We need greens! Grass is very necessary. We don’t need extra asphalt. We need to sleep and the grass will grow and be beautiful.
– The fact that everything will be leveled here – it will be done.

Larisa Pavlov

The yard is very large and the amount of work that is done here is very large. The works are going at a good pace, the quality is not bad. We are standing at the entrance, where the attention of the contractor was drawn so that water does not flow into the entrance. The contractor took everything into account. The water will go out onto the roadway.

At the end of its on-site work, the commission visited the bicycle-pedestrian path. The work is carried out as part of a national project. Due to weather conditions, the contractor cannot keep pace, but the preparatory work
performed throughout the route. This year, it is a section of more than 2 km.

Yehor Lukovnikov, deputy mayor for urban economy and construction

Preparation of the base from Obruchev to Kurchatov, laying of the concrete base under the dividing line is underway. Installation of parabar, side stone. We plan for the contractor to start paving when the weather is nice and dry. It remains to apply a tactile strip, install lighting supports and small forms.

Siarhei Hryshyn, deputy of the Duma of Bratsk

Today it is an element of infrastructure. This is a convenience for the elderly, children, mothers with strollers. Go for a walk in the fresh air. Children can ride bicycles and scooters. That’s great!

Andrei Kozlov

It is already clear that the track will be in demand not only for daily training for running, cycling, but also for various races, such as ours.
we are holding until May 9.

Larisa Pavlova noted that it does not matter what city, regional or federal funds are used to improve the property. Ensure a high level of control over the implementation of projects – today
the main task of the city government.

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