The Chinese are switching to premium bikes en masse

On a cool September evening, Wang Yu rides his white bicycle past famous landmarks in the Chinese capital. And with her are her friends from the cycling club.

She works for a bicycle company and rides around town in her spare time. There are more and more people like Wang in Beijing today. It’s a whole movement of people buying premium bikes.

Wang says that her hobby has helped her not only to find new friends, but also to see the city in a new way.

[Ван Ю, жительница Пекина]:
“I can discover many hidden corners in the city, places I didn’t know about before. Even on some routes I’ve ridden three or four times, I’m still surprised by little discoveries every time. That’s why I love riding around town.”

Zhou Changchang from the same club says that cycling clubs increase interest in cycling because there is a sense of unity.

[Чжоу Чанчан, житель Пекина]:
“It was very quick and unexpected. This year I have seen an increase in the number of people riding in the streets and now I have many friends too. There is no controversy among people who ride bicycles. Everyone goes in the same direction, so it’s very easy to make friends and chat.”

Bicycles have been popular in China for a long time. However, in the early 1990s, the middle class began to gradually switch to cars. Two-wheeled transport began to gain popularity in 2014, when cheap rental companies appeared in China.

And even more interest in cycling woke up during the pandemic and quarantine measures. At the same time, residents of the capital prefer expensive bicycles worth more than $1,500.
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