The birth of Adelina was registered in the Department of the Registry Office for the Krasnogorsk City District

September 13 2022, 3:39 p.m

On September 10, 2022, specialists of the Department of the Registry Office for the Krasnogorsk City District of the Main Department of the Registry Office of the Moscow Region registered the birth of the third child in the family of Stanislav Viktorovich Holovachev and Ekaterina Yevgenauna Tarasenko. Twins Artyom and Andrey have a sister, Adelina.

The parents decided that the names of all the children would begin with the letter A, and they chose a beautiful and rare name for their daughter.

The name Adelina is of Old Germanic origin. It is believed that it came from the name Adela (Adela), and it, in turn, from the word adal, which means “noble”. A girl named Adelina grows up shy and modest. She is very comfortable among familiar people, where mutual understanding and a happy mood prevail. Parents’ love is one of the most important conditions for happiness for little Adelina. For all her modesty, she is a bright child who willingly learns the alphabet, begins to understand words and read quite quickly. The girl likes to sing, dance, ride a bicycle. She gets real pleasure from those activities in which the whole family takes part.

Specialists of the Department of the Registrar’s Office in Krasnogorsk city district heartily congratulated the parents on the birth of their daughter, wished them good health, family happiness and well-being.

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