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September 5, 08:31

Darius Forou: “Everything rests on the fight against fear” (Photo: IgorVetushko/Depositphotos)

Practical people find it difficult to enjoy money

A few weeks ago I bought a road bike. I’ve been thinking about buying a bike for about a year to diversify my cardio. But when this hobby required additional expenses, my old saving habit came into play.

Every time I chose a bike in the store, I went to the back. Not because I didn’t want to ride. I live in the Netherlands and it’s a perfect place for long bike rides.

There are bike lanes almost everywhere, and motorists don’t bother you when you’re on the road. And, compared to running, cycling puts less stress on the joints. So it’s a win-win.

But still, I couldn’t shake the thought that it was too expensive. I thought something like this:

– I have enough money to spend on a decent bike, cycling equipment and accessories.

– However, everything together will cost a considerable sum…

– But not as big as if I were to buy a house or a car!

– Will this hobby give me such great pleasure? Are the costs worth it?

And so on.

I have a million hours of thinking about whether or not to buy something built into my system. When I was a child, our family had constant problems with money, so we had to count every penny and think three times before spending it.

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