Interview with Andrey Kirilenko: life after his career, work as president of the RFB, Russian basketball under sanctions, Britney Greiner verdict, NBA, top 10 players in history, LeBron or Jordan, September 2022 |

Has the financial situation become more complicated for Russian basketball? Are funders leaving?

– If we talk about RFB, we, thank God, have built a structure that works clearly, mechanically, step by step in seven years. All the projects we have are confirmed and funded several years in advance. Our partner pool has remained largely the same. As for the clubs, of course they are losing partners, especially those connected with foreign business, as many companies have left the Russian market. Plus, some Russian state-owned companies, which used to support clubs, have now changed their priorities and suspended funding. So it definitely affected the clubs. But, as you know, when someone leaves, someone else takes their place. We assume that it will be the same here.

Does the Russian Basketball Federation manage to build plans for at least some distant future?

– In the last three years, we have been conducting business, essentially, in an anti-crisis mode, in a very short-term mode. Before there was a pandemic, now – a political situation. In such conditions, you cannot plan far. But I am not inclined to whine and complain here. Everything rests on the fact that a certain given appears in front of you. If you can fight it, you fight it. If you can’t, you adapt and work with what you have. Now we have a given that we cannot influence. We, of course, maintain contacts with partners from FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation. Note ed.) to immediately return to international competition as soon as the opportunity arises. I am sure that after some time it will happen, but for now the athletes remain hostages of the current situation.

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