in Traparov-Nikulin in Moscow, where “The Irony of Fate” was filmed

This text is written in the Community, and it preserves the author’s style and spelling.

Why I chose housing here

My parents and I moved to this district of Moscow back in 1994 from the Shchukin district – also a great place, as far as I remember. In 2013, I bought an apartment in the same area, closer to my parents.

Looking ahead, I will say that Traparova-Nikulina is suitable for those who need high-quality infrastructure and parks and who are ready to buy not the most modern housing on the secondary market.

Advantages of the district

I’m satisfied with everything here – infrastructure, transport, and ecology. There is a kindergarten next to my house, two others are next door, several schools, including the 1543 gymnasium.

There are a huge number of shops, including 24-hour ones. Deliveries, of course, also work great. Transportation accessibility is excellent, and with the opening of the Great Ring Metro line, it has become even better.

Disadvantages of the district

There are few new buildings in our area, and those that are there are very expensive. That is why some of my friends have moved to other areas where you can buy a new apartment with a larger area than here. I am also confused by the tendency to combine schools and kindergartens into incomprehensible “complexes” – the advantages of this decision are not obvious to me.

And of course, I was upset by the history of children’s clinic No. 131, where I used to go for medical check-ups as a child: first, their branch on Anokhin Street, which is quite far away, was inaugurated, and then… they closed the main building near my house.

What house do I live in?

I live in a gray “tower” series 1MG-601-441. According to information on the Internet, this series of paneled 16-story houses was invented for the residential complex of employees of the GDR embassy – it is located nearby. A typical nine-story building and four such towers were built on the closed territory of the complex, and then another seven buildings were built in the neighborhood according to the same project.

My house has many advantages. First, the apartments are slightly larger in area than in typical 16-story buildings. Second, there are no retaining walls inside, so it’s easy to remodel. Two elevators – normal and freight – also a plus. And most importantly – huge windows in one of the rooms, practically panoramic, overlooking the green square.

It also has its shortcomings. The common space is organized a little strangely – to get to the stairs, you have to go past the elevators to the open common balcony. Unfortunately, the neighbors smoke all the time, and the smell lingers on the ladder cage.

But the main problem is audibility. She is incredible. When the neighbors take out the trash, it feels like they’re throwing the bucket right at my head. When it’s very quiet, you can hear the neighbors’ phones ringing. It’s good that I don’t have very noisy neighbors now.

Where to spend time outdoors

Two minutes from my house there is a large Southwestern forest park – the one that cuts Leninsky Prospekt in half. It is still constantly confused with the Traparev forest park, and the parents have a balcony overlooking it.

I cross-country ski on the weekends in the winter, and I don’t have to go anywhere to do it. Or I go to the Koska pond – it is located on the other “bank” of Leninsky prospect.

And in the summer, you can ride a bike in the area – I prefer to go to the park of the Olympic Village, you can get there in 15 minutes. There are ponds with ducks, beautiful sunsets, and in the evening there is lighting, so you can walk until very late.

Where to go for delicious food

The most interesting institutions are located near RUDN – formally it is no longer our district, but it is nearby. Shipping works, again. I like the Dionis restaurant, especially the Indian and Peruvian dishes. Tamaka is the best ceviche in Moscow!

For lovers of Korean barbecue, there is a very authentic restaurant “Sami”, which is hidden behind a supermarket on the street of 26 Baku Commissaries, so you won’t find it right away. It has a supermarket with Korean products to prepare something at home.

What attractions do we have

There are no outstanding buildings in our area, as most of the buildings are Brezhnev. However, two buildings near Yuzhno-Zachodnya metro station – buildings 113 and 125 on Vernadsky prospect – were filmed in the movie “The Irony of Fate”. Zhenya Lukashyn and Nadia Shavyaleva lived there. Of course, both houses are in Moscow. Apparently, it was more convenient for the shooting process.

The church of Archangel Michael in Traparev also appears in the film, it can be seen from Lukashin’s window. But at the time of filming, the Mosfilm scenery warehouse was located there. And when the church opened again, my dad was baptized there.

Next to Lukashyn’s house is the Southwest Theater – one of the first private theaters in Moscow. I am very ashamed, but I have never been there.

I would take my friends to our Southwest Forest Park, to the “secret” Korean restaurant “Sami” or to “Dionysus”. And I would also go for a walk with them on the territory of “Mirax Park”, where hydrangeas bloom beautifully in the summer.

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