A 38-year-old woman suffered a heart attack twice: warning symptoms that she did not pay attention to

“Husband called an ambulance”

The attack happened in the evening of the most ordinary day. Nicola was putting the children to bed and felt very dizzy.

– I got it severe heartburn – such a burning sensation in the chest that took one’s breath away, – the woman recalls. – I got up and tried to get to the living room, but I staggered, nausea covered me, I threw up. Then my jaw got really sick… My husband urgently called an ambulance.

Paramedics arrived 20 minutes later.

– They immediately said that I have indigestion and I need to go to the hospital to undergo an examination, – Mikola said. – By the time we arrived at the hospital, no one even had the idea that the problem was with the heart.

Mykola was admitted to the emergency room, tests were taken, and a cardiogram was performed.

I remember seeing the doctor’s face who was looking at the printout of the ECG results – he was scared. I was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit and handed over to a cardiologist. It turned out that the right coronary artery is 80% blocked.

Nicole underwent surgery, doctors placed 4 stents, but two years later, the woman had another heart attack. She ended up in intensive care again. This time she had a 95 percent blockage in the same artery, and Nicole had another stent put in.

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